Tai Ji Men and Me

文/Yimei Chang


  My name is Yi-Mei. This is my third year practicing qigong at Tai Ji Men under the direction of our master, Dr. Hong Tao-Tze.


  Many people come to Tai Ji Men in search of physical health through qigong. Qigong is a practice that aligns breathing, movement, and awareness of the flow of qi. It has similarities to yoga in that it can help a person achieve mindfulness through simple mind-body movements and meditation. The maneuvering of qi in the body is the key to our health because each cell is nourished with energy when qi travels to it. I personally found that practicing qigong has improved my immune system. I get sick less often, and when I am ill I recover much faster.


  However, the most compelling reason for me to join Tai Ji Men is because of our master (shi-fu) and his guidance. Shi-fu believes that being true to oneself and others is the principle of life. He always encourages us to reflect, cultivate and purify our thoughts. I learned from shi-fu that to reach self-fulfillment and inner peace one must make positive changes from within. These changes help us find a more meaningful and happier life. As a result, we will have a positive influence on our family, our workplace, the community and the world.


  In today’s world we face many difficult challenges such as wars, hunger, natural disasters and man made destruction. These challenges do not have easy solutions. However, shi-fu believes that wholesome and positive qi is much needed today for changing the world.   I am grateful that I found Tai Ji Men because Tai Ji Men is the place that you will find positive qi and joyfulness.

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