Unlocking My Heart

文/Chris Tsai


  When I first enrolled in Taijimen, my class had only two people in the class, me and my dad. However, the class also had two mentors. When I first found out the mentors were not paid, but only volunteers, I was in shock, and wondered why anyone would waste their time teaching Qi Gong for free.

  Fast forward to today, our academy has expanded to almost 120 people. There is no more a 1:1 ratio of students: mentors, but rather there are many members and dizi alike. I would like to do my part as a good dizi to help pre-teens and younger children to walk the path I have walked and guide them when they are lost. A teenager’s middle to high school years can be confusing, and I wish I can use my experiences to aid them. Honestly, I haven’t been a very good dizi for many many years. I never did any TJM volunteering, and I also often missed classes when I was either a little bit lazy or a little bit busy. I felt that TJM was not a priority, but rather just something that I did because my parents wanted me to. When I applied to be a dizi, I did not know why or what I was doing, but again, followed my parents’ lead to do so.


  However, after the ceremony, I felt as if shifu unlocked my heart. I felt like I was able to be more open, and happier, and interact with brothers and sisters more. I began to see the light at Taijimen, and how the brothers and sisters of Taijimen, were innately good, and how I needed to volunteer more for myself, for shifu, for Taijimen, for brothers and sisters, and for the universe. I will never forget this after shifu told us this. I had always thought volunteering was simple; helping out the community. But, I did not realize that by volunteering, I was helping my inner self improve, helping the community, doing my duty as a dizi to help Shifu, and helping improve the universe at the same time. I never thought I could have so much of an impact in the world! After I realized this, I would very much love the opportunity to mentor other brothers and sisters who do not know about Taijimen as much, and help unlock their hearts as well.


  The Taijimen family is a tight knit organization that has incredible potential to influence the community and world; however, we need to improve ourselves before we can help others. I hope this opportunity can not only let me make a difference in a brother or sister’s life, but allow me to mature and grow as well.

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